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Thread: Sounder Reading

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    Sounder Reading

    This post is in responce to some comments made on a thred in the saltwater section started by Burley_Boy, ref sounders, some of the comments were of the nature that some people have not seen an arch on their sounder and were wondering if the arch was a fallacy. While out fishing today I took the following photos of my sounder and have explained my interpatation of what is shown. The sounder used is a lowrance X97, it is set on auto for all of the photos, and the boat is drifting. Can users of other model sounders post some photos on this thred as well so that people new to the game may get some Idea of what they are looking at.
    Photo 1 scattered schools of bait

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 2 arrows numbered 1 are scattered fish (queenfish of 50-80cm
    arrow number 2 school of bait

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 3 school of active fisf in this case more queenies but with the odd golden trev mixed in with them

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 4 a school of fish holding on the edge of a drop off, arrow points at what I would calla single fish

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 5 this is it a complete arch as well as a partial arch 2or3 smaller fish here. arrow points to a small bait ball

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 6 not your classic arch but close enough, 3or 4 large fish shown here with the top fish moveing down to the bottom

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 7 the classic arch by 2

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 8 2 large fish moveing thru

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Photo 9 not of sounder but the only golden trev I landed today in amongst about 30-40 queenies, after taking the photos I spent the rest of the time dropping plastics the the schools of fish.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    excellent idea - i'll see if i can get some on film of estuary stuff around the pin -

    notice class the degree of snowing in ian's shots - he's got the sensitivity up & if he's like me the filters off

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Hi Ian
    Thats really top stuff, if I wonder out over the weekend I will get some pics of my crap sounder and put up, prob be just bottom as there seems to be no fish at the moment, think they have all gone for warmer pastures

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    back the tail of ya boat over one of those salmon farm nets blaze - that should show some arches

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    good work on the picks

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Looks like a top days fishing under that sounder.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Snaffled some of these pics from a post back in December

    This is a pic of a ledge we fish for Snapper. Typically it is a reef rising from the sand. Notice on the left how thick the bottom is shown, this is sand. Less reflection = more absorbion of the sonar signal so a thinner line. Notice on the right how thick the bottom is, this is reef. Harder surface = more reflection.

    You see the bait schools holding on the reef. The one closest the top will be a bait school or similar. The larger shoals are squire & snapper.

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    Gold Coast

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