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Thread: Sounder Reading

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    You will find this one HEAPS better than the Sydney site. But you will get the shites with the fishing reports. Very jealous I am.#

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    You'll find "BREAM" is almost a dirty word here

    No intentional malice is/was intended by the above comment. My thoughts and comments are my own and not expressly viewed or endorsed by the wider fishing community. Basically if it fits on a 8/0 hook it goes out as live bait.....
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Quote Originally Posted by Heath
    You'll find "BREAM" is almost a dirty word here
    That's alright, I spend most of my time talking about bream on the other sites, it'll be a welcome change to hang out here.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Hi swoffa.
    1. Try to avoid running the sounder off the same battery as the Minn Kota.
    2. Try running just the front sounder on it's own.
    3. Check for interference by trying the sounder with the Minn running and without.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Thanks Dale.
    I'm running the MK and front sounder off the same battery and haven't had any issues so far. I was planning to run it off my other battery but haven't had the need.
    I've tried turning my rear sounder off and haven't noticed a difference on the front on. Is it likely that the 2 transducers would interfere with eachother?

    There's no interference by having the MK running.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    I finally got around to taking some pics of the Garmin. I'm keen to hear everybodies theories on what is showing up and how I can set it up to be more accurate.

    I played around with the "gain" and "noise reduction" for the following pics.

    Picture 1:
    Noise Reduction: Auto
    Gain: Normal

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Picture 2

    Noise: Auto
    Gain: Normal

    (my other crappy sounder was marking fish near the bottom when I took this pic, which is what I assume is showing on the right hand side)

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Picture 3

    Noise: 90%
    Gain: Normal

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Picture 4

    Noise: Auto
    Gain: +2

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Picture 5

    Noise: Auto
    Gain: +2

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Picture 6

    Noise: Auto
    Gain: +2

    You'll notice in this shot that there's a vertical mark under the ground level on the right hand side, this happens when I press the power control on my Minn Kota.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Does anyone know what the vertical lines are that are showing up in all the pics?
    I can get rid of them by turning the noise reduction to 100%, but I fear it won't pic up much when set like that.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Looks like you have to sounders on at the same time mate, all those vertical bars look like interference from another unit...foxy

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    I'm running 2 sounders at the same time. Do I have to turn the other one off or can I do something to stop them interferring with eachother?

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    I don't think you are going to be able to stop one sounder interfering with the other.
    I think you'll find its stray return signals from one transducer hitting the other transducer.
    Do you get similar vertical lines on both units?
    And if you turn one unit off do you still get the vertical lines?

    The lines under the bottom reading from the Minnkota started is another problem I think you'll find.


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