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Thread: Sounder Reading

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    the vertical lines in the pic are interference from a boat powered by a 4 stroke about 20 meters away, have found 4 strokes cause this up to about 50 meters away with some models being worst then others.
    Yes, my sounder does the same thing, but I also found that other sounders of the same model on other boats if fishing in close proximity can cause this as well.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Wall to wall Pearlies. Sorry bout the reflection

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    What has gone wrong with the weather , a weekend with perfect fishing /boating conditions.
    Photo this time is of a small school of GT's in the 5kg range.
    Sorry about the poor photo

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    again wall to wall queenfish

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Hi Ian
    How big would that schoal of queenies be in numbers

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    I can count 12

    Well, you can see about 12 individual fish swimming into the school on the left hand side and then about 6 leaving the school on the right. Notice how the thickness of the school gets larger as fish join in and then thins as individual fish leave.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    I took a few pictures on Friday night while I was out, but they didn't come out very well. Any hints appreciated. Should I use the Sports function to reduce the chance of blurring ?

    I'll attache one of the photos - this shows a school of undersized Pearl Perch (the left half of the screen is bottom zoom and the right is normal).



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    Re: Sounder Reading

    hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the info on this thread it is one of the best i have read. I am only just starting to fish out wide off the Tweed and this site Rocks.. Hopefully can get a few posts on hewre with ics myself one day... got to get some bragging size fish to pose for me though..

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    yes a great thread

    I plan on being on the water some time this w'end, will try and get some shots of my NAVMAN 4500 colour


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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Here is a picture of my SX100 at the 24fathoms. Note that this is only a 100W unit and the picture just shows the bottom (ie that there is one) composition is tricky to pick up at that depth at least for me but its over a reef bottom. Sorry about the fuzzyness but it was moving a bit at the time.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    So at the 24fathoms I'd get pumelled by a whale before it would register on the sounder but here I've come in a lot shallower (still a few K's out the seaway and I spotted this contour. The sensitivity is on Max but I'd say there is enough structure there to mark the point and I'll be interested in checking this spot with my new Matrix37X that has just been fitted.
    There was definitely both reef and reef fish at this point.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Went out wed 30th to Barwon Banks, took a few snaps but only one was any good. i was a bit late on this shot but you can see the fish to the left of the screen.
    Pearl perch & iodine bream.
    Catch was good, parrots, pearls, moses perch & 1 snapper with knob among others.
    As for input to current thread, i run my sounder in man, fish id off & wick wound up to 8-9/10. Cant see much up top but that dosen't matter when your bottom bashing.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    was at sommerset the other weekend and missed the perfect shot. screen of the matrix 20 i bought for the tinny was a wash with slashs, we got slammed fish after fish 45-50cm bass. too slow with the camera
    but when the fishies are bittin the camera sits there till one comes on board and sounder pic are for quiet times.
    some top shots there fellers.

    Cheers Cloud 9
    then it realy gets ughly

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Furuno 582l Riv ground in 250 FATHOMS

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Same day a few boat took a number of Blues to 150kg off this area

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