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Thread: Sounder Reading

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    A pic of our old sounder. Didn't know what we were missing until we got a good sounder. The same ground we had been fishing for 3 years took on a whole new meaning with increased visabilty from a quality sounder.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Learning HEAPS here guys, please keep it coming.

    - Bean

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    Re: Sounder Reading


    I'd be interested in hearing your report on the Raymarine too. Those digital colour sounders look to be the way of the future.



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    Re: Sounder Reading

    this is a Fishmark 480. In freshwater dam, all on manual .
    Bass on bottom and not wanting to chew my lure. Boat was drifting very slowy over these fish.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    a tad more active but still no luck,different small school

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Any chance one of the mods can make this one sticky, I think it is a real good learning tool.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    what was lowered doen tony (line mid screen) - were you jigging?

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    At last no wind
    This photo shows a school of small school mackrel ( 40-50cm) had to drop a jig down to find out what they were.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    this photo shows clumps( arrows) of weed that is kelp like in looks but the leaves are only about 1 inch wide, the water was clear enough to see the bottom.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    This thread is worth millions! WHilst I am still big time in learning mode, I hope to be able to add to the amazing wisdom & learning that this site brings together. Goes to show how such a strong common bond in fishing brings out the best, and the generosity in people~!

    Thanks to all who have contributed to far - my turn will come (probably as a question!!)

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    What has happened to the weather, 2 windless days in a row, shot out for another quick fish this morning and took the following photo.
    This is what 10-12kg spanish mackrel look like on my sounder (hooked one about 4 seconds after takeing this photo, the vertical lines in the pic are interference from a boat powered by a 4 stroke about 20 meters away, have found 4 strokes cause this up to about 50 meters away with some models being worst then others.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Gday Ian
    This is great ,I havn't been on much lately so its the first time I've seen it. Have you got any pics of the mack ?. Hows the temp up there ,has been down to -10 here.
    Great to see a helpfull post wamjam

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Hey Scott,
    How is the cod fishing going with those temps, I think I would just stay in bed all winter untill the weather got up to at least 20 degrees. I thought it was bad last week when we got down to 14 over night for 2 days in a row and all of the shops up here sold out of warm gear, tonights forcast is for 19 over night up to 31 tomorrow. Did'nt get any photos of the mack, they are that thick at the moment that in 2 trips totaling 4an1/2 hours on the water trolling lures we have caught 4 spanish and 14 school macks plus 1 longtail that deceided that it to liked crazy deeps. When do you look like getting up here again?
    Talk to you again soon,

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Too right mate too bloody cold for any fishing but cant stay in bed ,this mob I work for think I got to turn up every day. Hope too get up in the near future.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    good stuff Ian

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