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Thread: Sounder Reading

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    LOL Johnny
    Funniest part is that I didn't find it at all confusing all made sense

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben G
    its easy to change the units of measure on your sounder as you all know ,Ben
    Nah mate we don't all know how to change a US purchased Matrix to Celcius and Metres but you're welcome to fill us in.

    Johhny. you're a crackup dude!

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    BB i dont know about the matrix i assumed it would be able to be changed like the lowrance i have, wouldnt the same unit be sold in Aus as in the US

    Has to read that twice Johnny,,,,, you know what they say about plumbers, anyway its all starting to make sense

    Cheers Ben

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Top job iank
    I might do something similar (take a few pix of the sounder showing the bottom & whatís above it) next time Iím catching fish to analyse the next day and put in the memory bank.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    I have a Matrix 37X the US unit would be a Matrix 37.
    The difference is the ability to run Celcius and Metres.
    Obviously a ploy to ensure local sales instead of internet imports. More important though is the warranty as the local dealer will shun the import I believe.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Roger that BB , I purchased my lowrance locally for about $200 more that I would have paid on an ebay shop,
    Its good to have warranty support at the shop you buy any expensive item as well as buying locally is important in my book,

    cheers Ben

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Here's a screen shot from a 987SI a mate sent me this week of the Goori in Hervey Bay.


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    Re: Sounder Reading

    That's pretty amazing
    I take it those are fish you can see around the wreck and the dark patch at right is the water?
    How do you determine bottom type?
    Is that a sandy bottom we're looking at?
    The shadow effect is pretty incredible too. What happens when you go over the same spot in the afternoon

    Please don't post any more pics.
    It'll end up in divorce

    The whole world's mad save thee & me (but I'm not too sure about thee)

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    how on earth does a sounder pick up a shadow!?? is it an underwater camera or something?

    is the shadow something it does to simulate depth sounding?

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    i have only been studying hydroacoustics this semester and most likely don't know as much as some of you blokes.
    but i would say that the shadows are formed from the lack of returning sound due to the fact that it is being reflected by the wreck. it gives an insight into the orientation and position of the wreck on the bottom, and also the depression into the bottom ie is it half buried.
    the dark patch on the right is the water column.

    great technology, its only going to get better.

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Spot on Horto.

    Explanation of the shadows just under the first image.


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    Re: Sounder Reading

    amazing, just cant wait for 5-10 years time when this sort of gear is standard issue...

    hard to imagine what the future holds with fishing/sounder gear...

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Quote Originally Posted by Owen
    OK, I'll play
    A double echo is where you see two bottom images, caused by the sound waves bouncing off the bottom, returning to the surface and then bouncing back to the bottom again. SO if you are in say 10m of water, you will see a second less defined return at 20m.
    Not sure why it seems to only happen to me sporadically. e.g. I was getting it for a while in awoonga on saturday, but hadn't changed any settings. Bit further on it dissappeared. I usually just adjust the range if it happens rather than back off the gain.
    Dunno whether anyone else has answered this (haven't read the whole thread yet), but I'd guess that the reason the second return is dropping in and out would be due to changing bottom conditions.

    Hard bottom .... strong return so a more clearly defined second echo
    Soft bottom .... weak return so more chance of a very weak or no second echo

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    tip for anyone else trying to figure out that screen shot from Fitzy - turning your head to the side does not help, all it does is give you a crook neck
    I had to have a look at the humminbird website to figure out how to read it, problem is now i really, really want one!

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    Re: Sounder Reading

    Great topic boys....

    Am I to assune that my 'Bird displays fish, not arcs, that I need a better sounder????

    Please say yes....


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