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    The Pin vs Nerang River

    The Dominator and I have the worms, we'll uncover and deck out the Deficator, lock and load the weapons tonight for a pre dawn raid on Wednesday 02.10.02 to either spots.

    All we need is some advise from our we do the pin or try nerange river?

    Everyones input would be appreciated.

    Araby Dog

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    Re: The Pin vs Nerang River

    Araby_Dog,Sorry to hear about the worm problem they usually clear up within a week after the course of tablets the chemist will give you ,The Cobby has been firing for my last two trips with all the better fish (400/500grm ones)dawn/dusk but I found the soldier crabs( 8) were far & away better than the worms & also accounted for a few 3/4 kilo bream on both trips.Cheers T.><> ><> ><>

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    Re: The Pin vs Nerang River

    Hey Touchy,

    I overlooked the cobby passage, we were going to head to gold & green banks. I understand that you must be cautiuos when navigating thru there?

    Is the whole passage productive or only certain areas?

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    Re: The Pin vs Nerang River

    Sam I think Doms ugly stick will fix those worms mate...if not try the pin and let the mossies do the job.

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    Re: The Pin vs Nerang River

    Araby_Dog,I go into the passage proper you follow it around the first big u bend(there is a small island in the middle)when you get round the other side go up to the "point" on your left you will see a small creek entry,there is a large sandbank in the middle of the passage & from the creek entry there is a deep channel that starts from the creek in a V shape,I fish from there right down & around the far corner,1/2 tide in is my you can fish the ripple water as it builds up over the holes & gutters,Nugget did an excellent map a couple of issues ago in Bush 'n' Beach.Cheers T.><> ><> ><>.

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