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    Somerset Tomorrow

    G'day all

    Well tomorrow I' m off down to Somerset for the day. Would love to catch up with any ausfish people who would be down there?

    Don't have a free sit at presnet. . .i'm in between boats at the moment so I'll be in my beast of a manta craft. . .look for the one with a minn kota maxxum hanging off the front. . .that'll be me



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    Re: Somerset Tomorrow

    Hi Ya Chris_J,

    We will be up on saturday, already had one sicky this week so friday off would be pushing it.Make sure you leave some fish for us, or at least let us know how you got on.

    Cheers Glen,

    One Life, What will you catch next!

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    Re: Somerset Tomorrow

    I might be up there Sunday. That's about as close as I can get. Be sure to give us a report on how you go.


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