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    Kirkleigh Klassic

    G'Day All,Any of you unsavoury characters planning to fish the Kirkleigh Klassic Oct.12th/13th?.Touchy.><> ><> ><>.

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    Re: Kirkleigh Klassic

    Talking to a few fellas from around here that are heading up.
    Should be a good weekend.

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    Re: Kirkleigh Klassic

    Might have to head up and give you guys a hand.... but first of all where the hell is it???

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    Re: Kirkleigh Klassic


    Check out the website for info on the stocking group and the comp.

    Might see you up there.

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    Re: Kirkleigh Klassic

    Hiya Steve,thanx for that hopefully I'll be there at this stage I am comming up but a lot can happen in a week. I did come to see you at home but you were out. I just wanted a couple of fishy stickers.....

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