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Thread: Fraser Island

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    Fraser Island

    Yes folks, the time has come again.

    The work crew are hitting Fraser this Thursday 'til Sunday. Just a short excursion, but none the less getting AWAY !!! 8)

    No boat this trip, all beach XXXX, XXXX and maybe some XXXX.

    Apparently someones going to try to teach me to catch beachworms, huh, good luck to 'em.

    Have a good time at Mission Point you Ausfishers !
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    Re: Fraser Island

    Hey phil bit of a trick i picked up with worming was to put stocking around the finger bait they get the teeth caught in a bit gives you a fraction longer to get hold of them.

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    Re: Fraser Island

    Phil Mate you forgot the
    Reel Hard

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    Re: Fraser Island


    The boys came back from their 10 day trip on Sunday - even managed to bring back my car in one piece.

    The short of it all - the first two days weed was everywhere and very think. Lifted on the third and was isolated to just the odd gutter after that. They camped at Waddy and fished only north of there.

    You'll probably find the odd clean deep jew gutter.

    Their best Tailor efforts came from right in front of Orchid Beach going onto low tide which was around the middle of the day. Fish would stay on for an hour then move off.

    Overall feeling was that Tailor weren't that fantastic - no real numbers or size. Managed 10 good size of the rocks on the only morning they fished there. Apparantly lots of sand up against the rocks and with the solid swell made it impossible to fish most days.

    Where last year we may get 100-120 in a session between 4-8 guys they were getting 40-60.

    Some other guys they know took the boat and got out one day and brained the sweetlip upto 5kg.

    They went around the Cape one day and did the usual thing of sitting in the chair with stubbie in one hand and rod in the other - casting 2 metres and pulled in 100-200 whiting.

    Didn't end up getting their bag limit for Tailor but that's not surprizing considering the pallets of alcohol consumed. I think that's why they took my ute.


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