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Thread: Cape Crusade

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    Cape Crusade

    I'm taking 4 weeks off starting Sat 4th Sept.
    After delivering a mates new Patrol ute in Weipa, my brother and I are fishing the Weipa area for a few days before heading down to meet his father in law at a camp on the Holroyd river.
    Then it's back home again to load up the vehicles and head north again, yet to be decided but Mapoon is the likely culprit at this stage. Since the missus can't come due to a bun in the oven, a few days up the Daintree in the 4th week to finish the holidays is on the menu.
    I'll send a report when it's all over, hope everyone has a good school holiday.
    Cheers, Mark. [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: Cape Crusade

    Well dont you just have the life . One day I might slide on in one of your expeditions (with all my own gear of coarse) .
    Look forward to your report of both trips Mark, knock em dead. Have a safe trip. nq

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    Re: Cape Crusade

    "OH WOT A FEELING" to be going tripping....lucky bloke thats wot U R....need any one to carry yuh tackle box 4 yuh ?
    cheers baldy

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