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Thread: Painter crayfish

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    I've been told if you visit the same place regulary,throw in some car tyres as they like to hide in them.

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    Quote Originally Posted by ovakil View Post
    I've been told if you visit the same place regulary,throw in some car tyres as they like to hide in them.
    I've never been able to work them out. Up this way they don't seem to hang around. You can go to one spot and there will be none and the next day 10. A mate use to swim the pipeline from Maggie Is to Townsville regularly during winter with great success. Problem is lots of people do it so maybe that's why they're not there the next day

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    I'd be trying to pick something better than car tyres. They leach oils, heavy metals and all sorts of toxins which probably aren't that good for the environment.

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    Heres one I got late last year in 3 meters of water over in WA above Broome. Quite a struggle to remove from the rocks.

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    can anyone tell me if you can catch painted cray in pots and what bate is best

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    Graham, no you can't get them in pots apparently their anntenae are too long and don't allow them entry or something. Though i have heard of people putting fish frames in stockings or wrapping peices of fish in copious amounts of fishing line and sinking them in a hole to come back the following day to find a crak or 2 tangled up in it. Dunno how legal that is though

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    You certainly can catch them in crab pots - at a rocky place where lots of tailor fishermen go - no more hints.

    Funny Foxy mentioned shallow Tempest - I got one on a livey at night at Hendos (before it was a park). Must have been the night for stupid catches, cause a couple of livies later I caught a manta ray as well.

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    hmmm, I;ve never hear of them being caught in a pot of any description and everytime I've asked those in the know I was told the above answer, ie the antennae/horns whatever are too long and inflexible so they can't get in.

    I guess there's a first time for everything though. What sort of crab pot were you using? i might have to put one out for myself in a known haunt

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    Been doing it since we were kids - heaps of different pots, any will do.

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    guessing you just use fish frames for bait?

    might give it a shot next time I head out then, see what comes up

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    Thanks to all the people who posted their pics and habits of their lobsters, very nice and also revinogerated my yearning for saltwater cray...I use to get some down south but since being in Brisbane, forget it.

    Waters are too dirty and too green for me now, clearer water and less noahs is my ideal. Port Stephens Area in NSW use to be good spot many years ago.


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    Re: Painter crayfish

    hi all believe it or not we got one the other night on a fishing line my mate jagged it through the leg
    it came in like a dead weight and when it seen the light it was fighting like a good fish .
    also it was in a spot where you would never think there would be one at the gold coast in the broadwater at our bream spot

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    to answer an earlier post re torch spotting , you can use a light but only above the water ie no underwater flood lights , think thats how it goes foxy ?

    remember the fight to get one of these dave before there were none left

    cheers swano

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    There's no doubt you know how to cook seafood swano!
    Yell out when you need some prawn's knocked off ....

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    Re: Painter crayfish

    caught one myself on a line at the banks a few years ago... hooked it in the leg while we were slamming some snapper.

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