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Thread: 1275 mm barra

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    1275 mm barra

    well this is the barra i talked about. If you don't know, have a look at my fish, 'ladies first fish (barra)'.

    This lovely fish was caught at Port keats, on the western coastline of the northern territory, on a 6" blue/silver nilsmaster. As you can see it was a while ago as William was little, 7 years to be accurate. 42lb it weighed. Lucky big George is strong...... The girl couldn't be revived due to the long fight so was shared with the workers in the remote community.

    Hope you enjoy it
    Big Al
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    Re: 1275 mm barra

    Hi AL,
    is Biggie getting any sleep,
    apart from the fact you are kicking his ass in the fishing,the trip to Faust is getting close it seems to be all i think about apart from the usual things like eating and ummm' u know what i mean.
    i still bare the scars from the spikes in the leg from last year.hehehehe.

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    Re: 1275 mm barra

    Faust fishing is getting closer.My casting hand is getting twitchy,hooks all sharper than razors.Swano's annoying the crap out of me[normal] Bring it on. Talked to Lindsay at prossy tackle last week.His been hookin into meter plus barra in the timber.Not bad for winter A.
    cheers george. [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: 1275 mm barra

    that's great A,i would be looking in the shallows with poppers about now and on the deeper the thermo lines...

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    Re: 1275 mm barra

    YEH!!! Faust bring it on can't wait big fish with attitude. Paul.

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