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    Where have all the fish gone?

    I'm a keen fisho down south of Sydney - the Gong to be exact and have perhaps been spoilt by just having 7 months in the Whitsundays catching Coral Trout, Golden Trev's, Tusk Fish and Threadfin Salmon and am now fishing back in the Gong with no luck at all. I have a 5.6m Centre Console Ally Craft and would love to know of some top fishing spots out wide off Shellharbour and Port Kembla - any ideas?


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    Re: Where have all the fish gone?

    How much fuel can you put in that thing, id head wide towards qld again

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    Re: Where have all the fish gone?

    1000 post rob congrats.ive worked out your smart ar$e reply % and figure that one to megan makes number 427.truly an inspiration to all us smart ar$$es.
    lol scott
    ps sorry megan i cant help but you may have more success if you post your question in the general chat page.
    cheers scott

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    Re: Where have all the fish gone?

    Megan i dont fish outside thess day just the rocks but a few mates still head out and do ok .
    the isladns around port have a few kingies hanging around and theres some good reds taken round there to ,down towards shellharbour the churchgrounds always pretty hones for travally,reds and bream at times and theres been some good groper taken there to over the last few weeks.the southeast grounds has been ok for reds to.if you want a feed of flathead just head out past the churchground bout a k and run the sounder around to find the sand theres been a mile of them out there ,but watch the size as theres been a few little fellas.
    over all the waters been cold and clear for a few weeks no so its making life difficult but it can only improve so we should start to see some fish before to long.

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    Re: Where have all the fish gone?

    Gday M8
    Im in nowra a bit to your south but im originaly form wollongong. It all depends what u wanna catch as to where to go. Dont forget this is a terrible time of year for fishing the south coast, give it another 8 weeks there will be striped tuna comin out of our ears!! the marlin are only a couple of months away and i expect the kingfish to turn up yesterday. Pros and ametuers are braining nice snapper down here for months now. and mako sharks are just a bit of berley away.i would save ya fuel for a couple of months then give it a go. But if i had to say where to go well i would say The Banks, kiama or jervis bay canyons,jervis bay and in shore Rangoon is a favourite for me near minnamurra. Oh yeah if ya like salmon there is no end to them on the beaches at present. Hope it helps. Setthehook

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