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    Spotted Grunter from Cobby Passage

    I got this one in Cobby Passage last Thursday afternoon. There were a few around but very timid.

    Gear was a Daiwa Procaster S 662LFS, Daiwa Ondine 1500 reel, 4lb Fireline, 6lb Penn leader and live bloodworm.

    I didn't have scales but I reckon between 5 and 6lbs - it was a very thick bodied fish - around 50cms long.

    Got a couple of smaller ones as well.

    This one took quite a while to land and I nearly lost him to snags a few times - very snaggy where I was.

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    Re: Spotted Grunter from Cobby Passage

    Nice fish there mike! Good fun to catch - especially on bream gear They dont come up to bad in the frying pan either mate

    Cheers, Lachie

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    Re: Spotted Grunter from Cobby Passage

    I'm hoping to see more and more of these fish down our way. They perform good, grow to good size and taste even better. They'll take most baits presented to them.

    Good work !

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    Re: Spotted Grunter from Cobby Passage

    For those who are interested, we got 3 grunter in total. They came on about an hour into the ebb tide. Fishing at the same spot at the bottom end of the tide produced nothing.

    They are very good fighters, taking line off me in 6 or so long runs (the one pictured that is). Given the territory, I was very lucky to land it. I have been smoked at this spot several times before - always put that down to rays. But now I'm not so sure. I'm back there in a fortnight so will be very interested in targetting them again.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

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