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    Luring Bream around the  pontoons

    Got the new reel the other day decided to test it around some moored boats at Horizon Shores, casting in and around the Pontoons, the pic is of the first one that bent up the rear treble on the lure, the second fish bigger than this one, finished the treble off snaping it and unfortunately escaping. Not a bad blooding of the new reel!

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    Re: Luring Bream around the #pontoons

    Good fish mate,
    Was the other fish a bream, and where did you catch it, I know it was around boats or watever but where abouts and what type of lure is that.

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    Re: Luring Bream around the #pontoons

    your not supposed to be fishing at horizon shores, lucky you didn't get busted.
    then it realy gets ughly

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