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Thread: pearl perch

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    pearl perch

    The last few weeks has been great for the pearlies, I caught this one off the lookout grounds, it will be hard to go back to eating pelagics.

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    Re: pearl perch

    nice pearly mate


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    Re: pearl perch

    are you allowed to clean your fish inside
    "the one who must be obeyed" will not allow a fish pasted the door

    p/p are the best. next after snappa
    "whats the time"

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    Re: pearl perch

    no snappa robs not allowed to take his fish inside.hes in so much trouble for fishing all the time that the inside of his shed looks like a house cause thats where he has to sleep.

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    Re: pearl perch

    Whats that Rob youv'e got a Boat AND a Shed

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    Re: pearl perch

    hahahhahhahaa....scott ive seen your shed its a palace

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    Re: pearl perch

    i love the optimistic look of the fire-extinguisher in the kitchen


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