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Thread: mangrove

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    This is the best ive taken with a lure, dont ask for the spot

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    Re: mangrove

    Nice Jack Rob.
    Still see you are a bit shy but.
    My sister rekons you are a good looking guy and have no need for the balaclava. LOL
    Cheers Kev.

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    Re: mangrove

    Nice jack mate. You got a guesstimate on size? Length Weight?

    Anhow, bloody good fish.

    Dan [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]
    Southwind SF20 'Piscatoreous'
    Savage 14ft tinny "About Time'

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    Re: mangrove

    Hi Dan, it wasnt measured but judging by the pic and others ive caught it would of been high 50s, that was a couple of seasons back so it could well be a monster now unless some b..... has killed it, definitely a fish too good to catch once.

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    Re: mangrove

    It must have been in a daze, if still alive to let you hold it by the fins while you took a pic ???

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    Re: mangrove

    webby, what you reckon its dead ??? another ausfish member took the pic if you want a second opinion wheres big fella he'll know what a live jack looks like cheers

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    Re: mangrove

    was going to give you a nine for that fish,but gave you a ten cause i couldnt see your head

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    Re: mangrove

    yeah yeah scott, you can expect a sympathy vote next time as well i bet your an arm chair judge on idol 8)

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    Re: mangrove


    i have been looking at the posts and came across this one of yours
    this is the fish i like catching
    fish for them anywhere anytime
    but i cant help but think it looks as if it has been defrosted
    by looking at the eye

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    Re: mangrove

    gday anchors away, put some photos up as well, fair enough about looking defrosted ive pulled out some more photos, noticed it in several and one thing in common they are all daytime shots taken with FLASH. ill put some up later, gota great one here with a jack that came in with its snag 8)

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