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Thread: Sunsets.

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    Had a quick fish and a look around the M1 on the coomera this arvo. Fishing was pretty quiet probably due to the really dirty water but i managed a couple of pics of the sunset. So was thinking lets start a thread with all your sunrise/sunset photo's whether they be salt, fresh or no water at all.

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    Re: Sunsets.

    Nice Jeremy...

    Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved, Gabriel Marcel

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    Re: Sunsets.

    Been a thread on this already, bit hit! chemmy's got plenty of em

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    Re: Sunsets.

    Mountains North of Juneau
    I used to think that the Market Artists of the Sixties put a bit too much gold in their paintings until I looked at this sunset.

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    Re: Sunsets.

    heres mine, this is not doctored, it was taken with canon 3000d slr film with 28-80 lens
    taken out of a plane window on the way home from malaysia

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    Re: Sunsets.

    top thread Jeremy [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]
    Firstly my favourite creek

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    Re: Sunsets.

    another favourite....aaahhhhh

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    Re: Sunsets.

    Great pics guys.
    Re that one of mine .
    The editing was just cropping,I have not learnt to make the whole picture smaller any other way.

    Remarkable shot
    Reminds me of Broomes "Stairway to the Moon"


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    Re: Sunsets.

    here are a few

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    Re: Sunsets.

    from arkwright shoul

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    Re: Sunsets.

    from the banks

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    Re: Sunsets.

    from Murphy's reef

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    Re: Sunsets.

    fromthe banks

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    Re: Sunsets.

    from the victoria boat ramp

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    Re: Sunsets.

    anywhere else chemmy lol

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