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Thread: 1770 pic

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    1770 pic

    Here's a pic I took today from a headland sth of 1770 ( sort of )

    Nothing special, but I did capture the moment !

    There is an enormous amount of backwash associated with this area and the water gets " jiggley " for a couple of k's out from the bar enterance then eases off.

    Conditions are 20 -25knots SE....seas 2mtr plus.

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: 1770 pic

    top pic phil

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    Re: 1770 pic

    Beautiful photo Phil!



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    Re: 1770 pic

    Geez! Hey Phil thats postcard stuff m8.

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    Re: 1770 pic

    one in a million

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    Re: 1770 pic

    Top photo phil. Iwill show you some wild pics of the cat walk when I work out how to post them.

    cheers dave #

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    Re: 1770 pic

    That's a very good photo Phill.

    You've just captured the action at the right split second.


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    Re: 1770 pic

    Nice one Phil!!

    We often get hit by schoolies and mack tuna just off there when trolling past.
    I have dived around there a few times, always seems to be an aggregation of trevally around the rocks in close too.
    When I see you next I'll tell you about something else aroundish that area that may be of interest

    Good timing!!! Regards, Tony

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    Re: 1770 pic

    top pic phil, looks like a calm day compared to when I was up there

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    Re: 1770 pic

    Not the sort of day to be rock-fishing, is it?

    Great photo Phil.

    I've booked a place in Agnes for the week after Christmas. I've only had a quick peek at 1770 before (about an hour), so I'm really looking forward to it. I'll definitely drop in to see you Tony at the tackle shop, if you're still there by then.

    Good luck,

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    Re: 1770 pic

    good picture Phill...that wave looks awesome #[smiley=thumbsup.gif] [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    cheers tim #

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    Re: 1770 pic

    nice pic

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    Re: 1770 pic

    thats a ripper of a photo

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    Re: 1770 pic

    what a pic!! good timing mate

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    Re: 1770 pic

    mad what a good pics

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