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Thread: How to add video to a post

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    How to add video to a post

    You can now add video to your post by using the Youtube option.

    Your video will need to be already uploaded to YouTube.

    Just click on the media button above and the following code will be displayed, without the spaces

    [ youtube] [ /youtube]

    Upload to Youtube

    You will need to upload your video to Youtube info on how to upload, format, etc is at Youtube.

    Once you have your video uploaded then you need to insert the link to the file between the Youtube tags.

    Youtube will give you the following embed code that looks like this


    Very important to do the following step -
    Just use the bit after the = sign, this bit k58ARA7K8_4 from the code and insert that URL inbetween the media tags so it looks like this

    The code on the page should then look like this, without the spaces

    [ youtube]k58ARA7K8_4[ /youtube]

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    Re: How to add video to a post

    This is what a Youtube video embeded into your post will look like.

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    Re: How to add video to a post

    Yes, includes sound. File size is not dependant on this site as your video will be on another site. I think Youtube has a limt of 100meg or 10 minutes per video.

    Here is one from Youtube with sound

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