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Thread: Member Levels

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    Member Levels

    Thought I might as well put this up here and make it a sticky to save answering the question all the time.

    Not that it matters how many posts a person has. It is just that member levels were implemented at the start of the chat boards many years ago.

    Member Level -------------------------------- Posts

    Ausfish Advertiser
    Gold-------------------------501 to 1000
    Silver------------------------251 to 500
    Bronze----------------------31 to 250
    New------------------------0 to 30

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    Re: Member Levels

    You may need one higher then Platinum soon, the way there being racked up, or matybe they should start again from zero again

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    Re: Member Levels

    Yep I agree Webby. Steve, what about a diamond member at 5000 posts.


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    Re: Member Levels

    5000 geez derek it took me 5 years to get to where i am now, i could be berley in the soil trying to get to 5000

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    Re: Member Levels

    Quote Originally Posted by webby
    5000 geez derek it took me 5 years to get to where i am now, i could be berley in the soil trying to get to 5000
    Good on ya Webby
    How about double platty and and you get double fishies on your thingo when you get 2000 and triple platty when you get to 3000 etc etc ???
    Your nearly there Webby #
    Just had a bo-peep at the members and there's about 20 odd people looking at the 2000+posts
    Cheers then

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    Re: Member Levels

    Maybe we could have used "titanium" in there somewhere? lol


    He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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    Re: Member Levels

    Then cryptinite or something after that lmao...

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    Re: Member Levels

    5000 posts hey

    I think maybe something named Borerite maybe more applicable

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    Re: Member Levels

    The old superman killer eh,
    Should PM some to these get to Platinum faster then a speed bullet posters , as there's a few around here at present

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    Re: Member Levels

    gawd.. who mentioned 5000, You would have to give up fishin and work to get there in a reasonable time

    Garry Ask us for an unbelievable Price on a new Honda

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    Re: Member Levels

    signed tunaman

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    Re: Member Levels

    Probably take at least 10 yrs for me to reach 5000

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    Re: Member Levels

    Its a cheap shot at someone, cant you smell it. But I could be wrong.

    signed tunaman

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    Re: Member Levels

    Im sure there is a few out there who will agree with me in saying that over the last year many of the new members think that your fishing experience is ranked by what colour you are on ausfish, therefore going GOLD within a few months, and then boasting how happy they are. It took me 2 years as a silent member before i even joined as a member and that was because of a new members "load of crap" story that i couldnt help but intervine with. I say spend more time out on the water boys and less in front of the box.

    Tight Lines

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    Re: Member Levels

    Thats all very true and the colour doesnt mean your a great fisherman.
    I sometimes wounder why we need them at all.[ the colour I mean]

    Poodroo! If you were a great fisherman, what colour would fish god be.

    signed tunaman

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