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Thread: Member Levels

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    Re: Member Levels

    Quote Originally Posted by tunaman
    Thats all very true and the colour doesnt mean your a great fisherman.
    I sometimes wounder why we need them at all.[ the colour I mean]

    Poodroo! If you were a great fisherman, what colour would fish god be.

    signed tunaman
    Could not agree more tunaman
    It's been great since Steve took the count off. I personally couldn't care less if the colours went as well.
    I've seen excellent posts from low post count members and when you look at their profile they're been members for years or you see posts from members like catchy-fishy, gonefishin and goinfishin and you see very valuable members for their contributions. They may not post very often but when they do you look at it because you know it's going to be good. And on the other hand you see people who post lots of crappola and they're gold or silver or what-ever.
    A lot of the stuff been put into threads now should have been a PM.
    Cheers Scott

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    Re: Member Levels

    I have to agree that colour doesn't matter as it doesn't have any bearing on what type of experience we have as fishermen/women. Truth be known is that my passion for fishing is what gets me hooked on Ausfish because reading and learning from other people who I have to admit are better at it than I am is priceless. But having said that I have come to relaize that it is also very easy to become a post whore in the process because exchanging info is what comes naturally on here. I didn't even realize I changed colour to gold at first until it was pointed out to me. I don't usually count how many posts I do because simply it doesn't matter to me. Even if there was no such thing as different colours I think I would still have posted the same amount of posts because I just enjoy the site. Just hope I never have fallen into the "crapola" category as pointed out by Scotty.Have fun and happy fishing. #


    He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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    Re: Member Levels

    Thanks steve for the list, I was wondering what it all meant. Only knew that you had to have 30 posts to be eligible to use the for sale section. Not that I have used that section I don't have enough gear to start selling it.

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    Re: Member Levels

    Guess it's better to do it with the colour thing.
    Than starting off as a bottom feeder, a crab or prawn, or something,
    then reach for the top of the food chain.
    A marriage licence should be like your fishing licence!
    Expires every year and you get a 3 day pass when you go interstate.

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    Re: Member Levels

    I like that idea, bottom feeder, crab, pilchard, squid, tailor, mulloway, kingfish, marlin, shark.....killler whale!!!! Sounds fishy to me
    Fishing for the thrill, not for the kill

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    Re: Member Levels

    Yeah I like the bottom feeder stuff too, but there be complaints surely.
    Maybe start off as scurvy dog, or some other Pirate names.

    But doesn't the colour theme on this site, run like the American express card.

    Blue Low income earner, following the same colours to the platnium card, High income earner.
    A marriage licence should be like your fishing licence!
    Expires every year and you get a 3 day pass when you go interstate.

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    Re: Member Levels

    When I went platinum a month or so ago, it surprised me and I realised that I was spending too much time on the computer and not enough time out fishin'.

    Have fixed that problem since.

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    Re: Member Levels

    I agree Muz but sometimes the weather gods just wont play the game and i would prefer to be in front of this box gettin some good info from my fellow fishos than be in front of the other box watchin the crap that they show these days like you say sometimes you just have to intervine cause sometimes theres some crap on here too ........BOB

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    Re: Member Levels

    5000 i well have to be a member till i am 125

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    Re: Member Levels

    I know this is like flogging a dead horse but the entertainment level reading some of your comments is way better than reading the usual 20-30kt weather forecast every day here in Capricornia! Keep the humour flowing (and the rummmmm)

    Life's short - fish more!!!

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    Re: Member Levels

    ah i see how it works


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    Re: Member Levels

    Being a regular Variety Basher for the last 4 years and I have personally raised over $300,000 for the sick and disadvantaged kids of Queensland, we do a lot of bribing of officials to get to a certain status,
    Wondering what it would cost to throw some money in the coffers for Ausfish to go up a level or 2, Not meant to be a PM message just another way of raising a coupla bucks for our cause
    Barker Transport Logistic Services
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    Re: Member Levels

    I like my blue fish

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    Re: Member Levels

    im on bronze at the moment but am looking forward tot my silver fish as its my fav colour only 18 posts away

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    Re: Member Levels

    hey is a post when you start a thread or when you reply counted as a point

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