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    Brisbane Airport to fill in Jackson's Creek

    The story from the Courier mail 26-05-2006
    FISHERMEN, still bitter at being thrown out of their Cribb Island homes to make way for Brisbane Airport in the 1980s, now fear losing one of their few remaining fishing spots.
    A petition and protest meeting to oppose plans to fill in Jackson's Creek as part of the second runway development is planned for this weekend.
    Banyo Fishing Club president Graham Glover, who learned to fish while growing up in the area, said filling in the creek -- which runs from the mouth of Nudgee Canal into airport land -- would destroy vital mangrove breeding grounds and highly productive local fishing and crabbing spots.
    ``The fishing's been off around here since they put the airport in and Jacko's is about the only place where you can still get a decent feed,'' he said.
    Mr Glover said many of the club's 25 members as well as hundreds of families used the creek every week and some camped on the banks while crabbing with their children.
    ``Every second person round here caught their first fish in Jacko's and they're just going to wipe the place out and kill everything in there,'' he said.
    Runway project manager Cam Spencer said a detailed environmental impact study was being conducted and would be released in September.
    He said local concerns about stocks in the area were unfounded, but an identified sea eagle's nest would be relocated.
    ``I understand that we will be undertaking a process of removing and re-releasing everything we can in the upper reaches of the creek,'' he said.
    Mr Spencer said authorities would continue to ``allow access'' in the rest of Jackson's Creek after it was filled by 2009.
    The Banyo Fishing Club will meet at the Nudgee Boat ramp, Nudgee Rd, at 8am on Sunday

    The story from the Courier mail 29-05-2006
    ANGRY locals have vowed to fight to the end Brisbane Airport's plans to fill in Jackson's Creek as part of the second runway development.
    About 100 protesters gathered at Nudgee boat ramp yesterday morning to form an action group to inform the community about the airport corporation's plans, which they say will severely damage the local environment.
    Banyo Fishing Club president Graham Glover said the area the airport corporation intended to wipe out by 2009 to make way for the new runway was a highly popular local fishing spot and seafood breeding ground.
    Mr Glover said the fishing club's hastily organised petition contained several hundred names.
    Local councillor Kim Flesser said he and local state and federal Labor members Neil Roberts and Wayne Swan were in favour of moving the runway 500m closer to the existing tarmac.
    He said the present distance of 2000m between the two was intended to allow for future development of shops rather than for than safety issues.
    Mr Flesser conceded that locals were fighting an uphill battle: ``But if we do nothing then they'll just go ahead and do exactly what they want''.
    I reckon we should be supporting the Banyo fishing club on this
    help them out where we can because once its gone its to late

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    Re:  Brisbane Airport to fill in Jackson's Cr

    Ah yes they will do an environmental impact study.

    The trick in this is of course is for a private developer to use the same style and content as this study if they want to do something along the same lines to the mangroves and shore front.

    Have a guess how far they would get.

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    Re:  Brisbane Airport to fill in Jackson's Cr

    unreal! when will they stop?! easy for em to declare their green zones, and then they go on with tripe like this!!! bloody great little creek jacksons. some great jacks in there. unreal.


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