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    Hello from Alabama!


    Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone, and get to know a few people. Here is a little info. about me......

    I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm an avid fisherman, for anything from Largemouth Bass to trout to snapper and amberjack. I have been semi-pro bass fishing for the past 15 years and can't get enough of it. Stumpy is my nickname, and I got it (long story short) by being able to find the only submerged timber in a lake with the lower unit of an outboard motor. I'm always intersted in learning new techniques and sharing whatever info. I can. I'm a member of BASS, FLW, and The BASS Federation. If there is anything you might want to know about fishing over here or how it might relate to your style of fishing just ask.
    Looking forward to this experience. Stop by and say Hi!

    If anyone can help me figure out how to attach an image I want to add one of my boat.

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    G'day Stumpy, Welcome to the site and looking forward to hearing all about your fishing adventures. If you go to the help section at the bottem of the main page you will find info there, but in short you need to resize your photoes
    Rainbow Trout is NOT skittle flavoured fish.........

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    hey stumpy, I often look and post on Iboats, you will find a lot of good stuff here and even if sometime you come on over/down, you will be able to get a fishing trip in from someone in the area you are staying.

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!


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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    sweet home

    gday stumpy and welcome




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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    Well now hiy'all Stumpy!

    Welcome to the site.


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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    hi mate been near you we have family in hot springs ark; few yrs back fished stripped bass and blue fish up north then when right down south in the gulf speckled trout red fish we lived on a canal played poker at night fished all day had a hell of a holiday cheers

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    welcome stumpy

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    hi stumps nice intro hope u enjoy your stay ausfish !!!

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    G'Day Stumpy, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. I'm only new to this myself, but it is great fun and you learn heaps.



    Live every day as if it's your last - for one day you're sure to be right!

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    Hey Stumpo. Good to have another member from the U.S. A few on here already, and they've always got good stuff to contribute.

    Regarding the pic uploading. You first have to have the pictures saved in a file, and the size less than 100 KB for it to load. I resize mine thru photoshop, but even the software that comes with most digi cameras should be able to do this. You can then access your pics/files by hitting the browse button straight under this quick reply window. Find the one your after and then hit post and it should appear with your text.


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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    G'day Stumpy

    #Cheers spinna

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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    Got it to work so here's my boat!

    It's a 2004 ProCraft 200 SuperPro. It is 19'-6" in length, has a Mercury 200 hp EFI, a pair of Lowrance sonars and a gps at the console. Three people can fish out of it easily. The best part, for me anyway, is that it will run about 70 mph.


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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stumpy-USA2
    #The best part, for me anyway, is that it will run about 70 mph.


    Welcome aboard Stumpy.

    ...or should I say, "Welcome aboard, y'all."?


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    Re: Hello from Alabama!

    Wow is right!
    That looks like a fast one!
    Wanna see my Ausfish sticker
    Welcome Stumpy......this is a great site. Hope you enjoy it as much as me

    Cheers Jane

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