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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags


    Does yours "vacuum" the bags by sucking all the air out. Can you PM me the brand as I am interested in looking at this myself.


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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    From what I can work out only one company makes them "Foodsaver", but major companys just brand it as theirs. Mine is a Sunbeam.

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    My only problem since buying one is it is bad luck. Have hardly caught a fish since. >

    Dont know hoe you can blame an electrical appliance but I am.

    Mine works great. All the kingie fillets I have done have come through a treat as well as whole snapper. Including the Spines and pointy bits.
    Why is all the good weather around on weekdays?

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    Hi Derek

    Just wondering if you got my PM.

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    I've been looking at 12v fridge/freezers or the 4wd. Was told to buy a fridge only and get a vacuum bag thingy. Apparently, meat will keep for weeks if sealed properly (and refridgerated). Was told about fruit keeping well too. I will be buying one soon.


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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    I have a Food Vac 550 and have 60 odd Kg of filleted fish vacced into meal sized lots in the freezer. I have never had a problem with poor quality fish using this method. I also vac mudcrabs in their shells after cleaning them again without any problems. I also vac bony fish ie rib bones exposed without any bag problems. Some of the fish is over 12 months old and you would not be able to pick it from fresh fish once its thawed.
    I take the vac on fishing trips plugging it into a gene or the inverter and never have any problems. Stews and casseroles are not a problem either and plonk em into a pot of boiling water and eat is really convenient after getting back to camp after a long days fishing. I have even vacced Morton bay bugs without holing the bags. The secret is paper towel. Simply fold it over itself until you cannot feel the spiky bits sticking thru the paper towel then put product into the bag and presto NO HOLES! My fish either whole or filleted is completely DRY. I NEVER wash my fish unless I drop it in the dirt or it is very bloody ..very rare. Another trick is to Pre freeze your fillets then they wont squash when vaccing, but I have no problem with vaccing fresh fillet myself.
    You can source vac bags from Curreys in QLD @ a much cheaper price than Sunbeam BUT they are not the same thickness. These are what I use without any problems. I use the bags many times over with the secret of washing the used bag with a quality dishwashing liquid, turning the bag inside out and hanging on a line to air for a couple of days. This will remove any smell that the bag may have had.
    When you put the vac away its a good idea to put a layer of paper towel between the heating surfaces. Stops the rubber seal from sticking to itself in the Nth Qld heat.
    I vac my mossie coils and matches which seals out the humidity and also my camp herbs & spices into small single use bags when the used bags get too small to use for anything large.
    They have millions of uses and are worth their weight in gold IMHO.

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    were are currys baldyhead would be interested to get some more bags ..


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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    Have a look here M8
    cheers Baldy

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    hi Baldy
    What bags do you use from curry's.
    I've tried other bags but they don't seem as good as the ones you get with the sealer.


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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    If your chasing vacuum sealed bags ask the Corby family

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    Ronnie, The Curreys bags that I use are similar to the sunbeam except that they are NOT of the same thickness. They are almost half the price of the sunbeam and I have had no trouble with them at all. I have used 300+ so far of their small medium and large bags combined. Curreys also have the commercial type Vac bag BUT they have no small bubble type ridges in them and are not suitable for the sunbeams use.
    Do yourself a favour and go to Curreys and have a look!
    cheers baldy

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    Hi baldy
    Can you tell me the model or size of the Sunbeam you are using.They sound like a great idea.
    Cheers John
    Work to live
    Live to fish

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    Baldy, Under what section on the currys site are the bags?? I have had a look and can not find them. I have purchased a sunbeam and would like to source some bags.
    Thanks in advance- Mick

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    Attached is a link to a company that sells a few different models.

    They also sell the bags.

    They had a display at last years tinnie & tackle show.

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    Re: Vacuum sealed bags

    John I have a Sunbeam FoodSaver Vac 550 which uses the 28cm wide bags. There is a smaller version the Vac 420 which uses the 20cm wide bags.
    The 420 is definitely not wide enuf. Curreys bags are marketed as 30cm but when U measure em they are 28cm and fit properly.

    The other thing that I like about the Sunbeam is their full 12 month REPLACEMENT Warranty. Some other mobs do not offer this!

    Mick you have got me there. You are right I have searched their site and the solution is to either go & have a look in their shop of give them a tingle and enquire.
    cheers baldy
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