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Thread: most used item

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    Re: most used item

    Warm clothes,beer,beer,beer,beer,beer,beer and a stubbie cooler
    Take photos and memories leave only footprints, respect the enviroment when 4 wheel driving , never be too busy to help out someone in need.

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    Re: most used item

    the tarp. couldn't go without shelter over the camp site

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    Re: most used item

    Dont forget the can opener buddy

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    Re: most used item

    Dunny Paypa.

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    Re: most used item

    Da Billy

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    Re: most used item

    Must take dunny paper beer can opener beer fishing rod beer stubby cooler beer
    Oh and dont forget the beer

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    Re: most used item

    me ute

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    Re: most used item

    If you are going to Moreton , a wind jacket just in case


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    Re: most used item

    A roll of poly bailing twine ... can be used for any thing ..extra tent
    ropes ,ties arround any box or parcel etc etc.


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    Re: most used item

    hi ya, open this link and make a few copies, i find it very handy
    no need to have it all but some of it helps


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    Re: most used item

    The very first thing I put in the car is my Bowie knife (7 inch blade and razor sharp) followed by 50m of nylon rope. Next is the snatch strap and recovery gear, not that I have much as yet. Beer? what on earth would I do with the smelly stuff, yuck!! The very best stuff (and we take lots of it) is chocolate. It comes in blocks and also in shakes. What more could one ask for? Beer? oh yuck!! yuck!!! spew!! Oh, also take good solid fold up chairs and lots of matches. Never leave home without the Bowie.

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    Re: most used item

    Couldn't say it comes down to one item, a tents no good without a hammer or axe to drive the pegs, a table needs a chair, a stove needs matches etc. I keep my gear in boxes in the trailer, and over time, have gotten just about everything covered (hence the need for a trailer) .


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    Re: most used item

    When it comes to anything to do with camping and boating I find the most used item is $$$$$$$ #
    Tight lines <*)(((((((((><

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    Re: most used item

    The the missus and the boat! I never go camping unless the boat is coming too.

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    Re: most used item

    esky goes in first

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