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Thread: Cavy fishing

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    Cavy fishing

    Have a look at this bloke hes young and enthusiastic, I love watching this bloke . He might be a bit over the top for some but hes young and passionate , Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Cavy fishing

    Cavy was one of the Morningtide boys - seems like a decent bloke too. Good to see that he stuck with it after the Morningtide guys parted company .

    Briggsy is pretty good too .... I loved that he did the post production work behind the videos - incl writing & playing the music .

    Johnny Brooks I can't stomach ...... Yeeeew

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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