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Thread: Fishing freshwater lakes central Queensland

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    Re: Fishing freshwater lakes central Queensland

    Well it's day 9 over and half way through my CQ freshwater trip already. Todsy was another interrupted fishing exercise with hot sultry weather this morning and the inevitable thunderstorm around 5.30pm. I was up early to tackle some likely spots in southern arm bay B, but the barra were not interested in the lure presentation at all. Tried 9" flat shads and swimbaits over the weed edges when a barra was spotted on the sidescan. After a midday rain shower I was back on the basin for an afternoon troll session with the classic hard bodies but no enquiries. Fisho that had just launched before me dropped a nice fish 20 metres out from the ramp and landed a second specimen at 98cm within 5 minutes. That's fishing for you.☺☺ Hoping for an early start tomorrow morning to make the prime bite time 5.30-7.30am. Cheers SS.

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    Re: Fishing freshwater lakes central Queensland

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    End of day 8 went well. Morning session ended early when the thunderstorm approached from the Northwest. Home early to sit out the lightning and thunder show. Back on the lake at 4pm. Finally broke my donut with a 91cm barra, a new PB!!. Caught on the ever reliable classic lure on the troll in the basin. Coincidentally all 8 barra caught by my son and myself have been on the troll around sunset. Temperatures have cooled and air pressure has dropped so the barra are unlikely to fire tomorrow. Photos tell the story. Cheers SS
    There you go. Makes the trip even more worthwhile. One of those buggers hitting your lure changes your impression of bass fishing for ever doesn't it.

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