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Thread: Cruisecraft 635 v 720

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    Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    Hi all

    Tossing up between the above 2 boats. Looking mainly to us for offshore fishing for up to 4 people and also overnighting on it for 2 people.

    Can anybody share any real world experience of:

    • how much bigger the 720 feels in terms of fishing space and also cabin space for sleeping
    • how much better the 720 handles
    • any other major differences other than the size and fuel capacity

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    Mark, i'm a plate man and no time in cruisy's but for me i recon their almost to different to be even compare. An extra 85cm of length and 6cm of beam is massive in any trailer boat. I went from 6.5 to 6.8 in effectively what was the same boat otherwise and even that little bit was a huge change in reality. Would tow weight makes the call for you, maybe look for some real life bridge weights on a 720 locked and loaded, not sure it would make the 3.5. i recon any trailer boat goes into a different league once you get into that 23 foot zone, particularly for offshore fishing and overnighting.
    Good luck with it, fun times getting into a new rig.

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    Re: Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    I've spent a fair amount of time offshore in the 625 (same as 635) - a very capable hull if driven to conditions. Not as much time in the 685 (720) but it is next level in terms of ride comfort. Personally I think most boats in this size bracket are suited to fishing 3 up at best to minimize tangles. Add a fourth and someone always seems to be fishing under the boat unless they are perched up the bow.

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    Re: Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    What have you decided Mark?
    Bigger is always better, well most times.
    Limits are towing, handling solo or not, fishing room for crew, and money.

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    Re: Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    Hi John

    There was a 720 for sale second hand but was concerned about the weight.

    I have 2 cars, Prado which can tow 3t therefore could not tow the 720. The other is a Patrol which would tow the 720.

    Hesitated on the second hand one and missed out which really bummed about.

    Short answer is want a 720, just have to wait until a good 720 comes up.


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    Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    What’s a good one of these go for, I just saw a new one for well over $200k

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    Re: Cruisecraft 635 v 720

    This one popped up in my news feed..

    About half new price with an almost new yammie on the back...


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