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Thread: Thunderbird Park

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    Thunderbird Park

    Off camping at Thunderbird Park... Gold Coast Hinterland for school holidays with the grand kids.

    Not really remote camping as such, but probably a good introduction to camping, so when it's time, we'll hit Fraser, Rover Park etc.

    Sooooo looking forward to being surrounded by a 100 ankle-biters for a week.

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    Re: Thunderbird Park

    Make sure you do the rope course up in the trees. Medium is fine.

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    Re: Thunderbird Park

    Just as well you are where you are, I heard that the Scout Camp at Beerwah has coped a big dose of Norovirus (gastro) and up to 1000 kids, teens and adults affected. All the organisations up here on the Sunshine Coast including the Coast Guard have been put on STAND UP and the hospitals are being prepared for a major influx and Brisbane hospitals have also been notified. Already a number of children have been hospitalised. Take care

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