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Thread: Aluminium T Top Roof

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Yeah it should fix the problem with the outboard, my steering will be the next thing to test its very stiff to turn one way out of the water so much it feels like its about to snap the teeth in the helm

    Really dont wanna spend the $ on hydraulic steering

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Must be a sharp bend in the cable? is the motor free to turn with the cable disconnected?

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Yeah the engine turns freely without the steering hooked up i can actually turn the engine with the steering hooked up too but just trying to turn it by the steering wheel its very very stiff

    The steering cable goes from the helm, down under the floor, up out the bilge than it does a big U turn and out the splash well to the engine, cable is 17 foot long and only just fits

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