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Thread: Aluminium T Top Roof

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    What is the process for getting the boat registered?

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    If i toldya u would be telling me im doing it wrong..

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Because epoxy by fastway courier will take weeks to deliver i got some all weather liquid nails to glue in my fuel tank supports, i got a litre of marine varnish to coat my fuel tank supports and fuel tank cavity cover its uv resistant so i can hold off painting

    Just need to order a fuel water seperator filter, some fuel hose, and try find some brass fuel hose reducers my tank has 12mm hose outlets my engine takes 6mm hose

    Will upload pics as i progress

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    You sure the engine is only 6mm? all sorts of bits are available (not at Bunnings) to suit.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Yeah its 6mm i dont have a front quick connect connector my hose will be ran from the tank to the engine, i'll be running the 12mm hose from the tank right up to the engine than i'll use a brass fitting to reduce the size

    Im just in the process of coating the fuel tank supports and the fuel tank cover piece with the marine varnish

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    You can buy primer bulbs with different size ends, have a look at those first.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    The 75hp and up efi 4 stroke mercury dont run a primer bulb as they have a lift pump (low pressure) and a second pump (high pressure) for the injectors, when i firdt got the engine running i tried to use a primer bulb it just sucked in than read up about the no primer bulb for this model

    I'll have my fuel tank in tomorrow and floor down

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Grabbed the wrong liquid nails to glue in the fuel tank mounts says on the tube takes 7 days to cure fmd i thought it would have been rock hard by now but its still soft

    My fuel tank is a bit dicky just measured my outlet pipe and breether pipe to get some fittings and fuel hose, the breether nipple is a whopping 14mm the fuel hose nipple is 10mm

    I have no idea what 14mm fuel hose will cost but it wont be cheap

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I bought this stuff for vent hose. From your preferred supplier 'n all

    Breathers are normally 1/2" (12.7mm) or 5/8" (15.9mm) so your measurement of 14mm seems a bit whacky. Might want to check it again.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Hey Moph i'd shop on ebay but hardly anyone offers express post i just bought the steering arm and shipping is saying it may take up to the 25th of october to be delivered who really wants to wait 3 weeksfor delivery, i just had two non delivered orders refunded because they took over 3 weeks one was my cabin led lights for the t top very disapounted with the whole postal shit fight atm

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    BCF was out of stock on fuel water seperators so had to order online from whitworths closes shop i physically cant get to so it may be a bit of a wait for that in the mail

    Lookslike my 11th of october maiden will be postponed date will be unavailable untill my stuff arrives by mail

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Trailer towed pretty good with the boat on it trailer is getting the vin number now, brakes were a bit smelly or it may have been the car

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Just put your hands against the wheel/hub after you drive will feel the heat if the brakes are sticking...

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Brakes were rattly i could hear them making a rattle noise as i was driving i think once the pads wear in she'll be fine, thr snell is actually one of the factories and not the trailer or car

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Just towed her home doing 70kph she towed beautiful mechanic stamped the i beam and installed a build plate, the whole rig reversed up the driveway in 2 goes she reversed up the driveway no worries at all, all these months stressing if she would go up the driveway

    Trailer will be registered tomorrow yahoo 10k trailer for 3.3k

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