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Thread: Aluminium T Top Roof

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Thanks guys, i was thinking if i cant find a esky to fit inside the frame to weld another horizontal bar from side to side on the front and back than some small vertical pieces

    The frame is 380mm front to back i ordered 1000mm of flat bar to weld on something to bolt it down with

    Noel do u think the 15mm plywood floor (glassed both sides) wont be enough to screw into? I still need to glass and paint the fuel tank cover so i can add those pieces you mentioned and paint over it while im painting the cover, i may do this for the T Top feet too if i have enough room around the console

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Trying to order my gear now as shipping is taking a long time, can anyone recommend a good led cabin light and some flood lights or something that will light up the bow and rear end the cabin light will be placed in the center of the t top the front flood light will be on the front edge of the t top and rear light on the back of the t top

    Maybe its wishfull thinking but i would like a cabin light that will light up the whole internal of the hull

    I will be ordering a single red/green light to bolt to the top front center of the t top roof and a small 100mm tall all white light for the rear of the t top roof that way the lights are out of the way

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Don't forget your all round white light needs to be at least a metre above the side lights.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Ah crap, thanks guys my idea just went out the window

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Just get one of those longer fold down white lights, it can still be mounted up high, or, move your side lights.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Yeah i will mount the red and green on the sides of the top hull piece and mount the all white on the T Top, just didnt want someone to bring in a big sinker and break the lights

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Lots of back and forth with which lights to go with i could'nt decide i washopping to go with all Narva lights but that was going to cost a bit of money

    So i just ordered all these

    I got two of those cabin lights and i got a 2300kg towbar delivered today
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Found my towbar at the wreckers for $125 absolute cheerin just no tongue
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Found my towbar at the wreckers for $125 absolute cheerin just no tongue
    So just $125 and a kiss on the cheek tongue.....
    I'll get me coat....

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Lol. I was considering new but they retail for $1150 and thats more than i bought the whole car for

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Anyone know how much a tinted windscreen will cost to make? 2 bends 3 sidesi'd like it to be around 350mm tall black tint

    Still waiting for mig welder tips to finish the canopy supposedly 15 days delivery WA-SYD, nothing i have ordere d has been delivered yet

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Can you make the windscreen in pieces and attach them to the grab rail?

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I could do that but i havent seen many like it before i was hopping to get one bent or try bend one my self and attach it to the console so it looks tidy and perfect size nothing to bold looking

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Bent up many a acrylic boat screen. If your planning to drill it to fix, use polycarbonate, perspex won't cope.

    Make up a box and set an old single heater bar element down about 100mm, in the centre. It will take a bit of practice, but with the area that needs to be bent, heated to the right temp, it will bend with a good finish. The trick is to make up a cardboard template first, as the returns will be different at the bottom, then trace on to the polycarb... leave protective on the polycarb while cutting and bending..
    As mentioned, getting it the right temp, is the trick, generally, before the polycarb protective film melts, is the right time LOL.
    I'll try and dig out a photo of my old table/box bender.
    Unfortunately, practice is what will end up giving you your best results, if you can get some old offcuts to practice on first, that would be the go...
    otherwise, make a pattern out of cardboard and find a plastics supplier that will bend it for you, some will...


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