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Thread: Aluminium T Top Roof

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    They have always been expensive itís all in the labour to make and ship then

    with that roof if you full sheet it you lose the ability to rail mount antennas lights or use it as a hand hold
    also without it folding does it out you over height so you will cop truck road tolls ?
    one of my old center consoles use too if I forgot to fold the t top down

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    There is along antenna about 1.2m tall mounted to the tight gunnel i left that on the boat during the demo i may leave it there

    Im planning on avoiding tolls, to get from where i am i need to pay a M5 toll about $10 than another M5 tunnel toll last i heard that was $20 so a trip to botany bay will cost $60 in tolls less than $20 of that is refundable, plus lpg, im just going to go the long way around

    M5 gets jammed packed too bumper to bumper 6-9:30am 3-7pm and when u get stuck in summer its the worst trip ever

    One time my trailer wheel fell off just coming out of the tunnel (city bound) M5 towie and cops had us off the road in 15mins, we came back in the other direction 3 hours later and it was bumper chaos the M5 is only good to drive on on weekends, mid day or 1-3am

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Out of all the work you have done seat box's would have to be the easiest yes??
    Just leave a cut out hole in the back and put doors on later if needed or hinged lids for access from above - make one a esky. Or make a bench seat/esky.
    You wont be travelling far with the size fuel tank you have, do you even need to sit down?

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I'd have no problem glassing up a seat box but im in the heavy lock down area which sucks everything has to be ordered in by delivery trucks and the money adds up very quickly, $80 to ship 1 sheet of plywood thats not including buying the plywood than fibreglass resin, rollers, cloths, mat it will buckle me over

    Even to go a glass box i need plywood to make the mould, pva release, wax, resins, cloths, chop mat, gelcoat

    I can see why the ebay seat boxes are $600-$900 but its quiet a bit of money

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I done some calculations it will cost 300 to makemy own seat boxes no hatches and no tackle tray included, im just going to grab a pair premade

    I like these onesbut for 700 delivered check out the bases is that normal? Looks abit crappy especially for 700 bux
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I donít get your love of ebay prices are inflated to cover fees
    and Mostly itís junk

    get a fabricator to make some ally boxes can always cut the hatches out later
    also why rush itís taken this long save for some decent equipment to finish it off

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Am considering selling my seats and buying this centre console seat
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Looks like i'll get nothing back on my seats i bought i just checked BCF, when i bought my seats i paid $651 for 2 seats now they are $199 each im a bit pissed off
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Pissed i didnt even see this crack on the seats and look at the paint job on the hinge found this while i was just measuring up the seats
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Just made this seat base it will need more structure in the middle
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I can probably slide an esky under there, i used the left over aluminium from the T Top
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    thats the go id say these framed seat bases are more functional than the old fibreglass boxes, you could bang on a flip up bench seat behind the driver seats ,anyway its looking good , fit the eskys underneath ,

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Think i made it 400mm tall but cant remember if it came out at that as i V'ed the tubing than bent it, i'll try look for an esky that will fit

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Nothin wrong with that result Gazza.
    I would go with what Cat said, go with that..


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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Shame you have painted the floor already, it would have been good to glass some extra ply on the top to attach the seat frame to, might have to put another piece along the bottom of the kegs each side so it can be screwed in with a few screws.

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