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Thread: Aluminium T Top Roof

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I have been stopping and starting the engine problem solving it quiet a few times the key on beeping must be pissing the neighbor off i guess i could run it once at 3000rpm i just hope the neighbors dont record it and complain about "excessive noise"

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Not too sure anyone would bother recording a 4 stroke outboard to complain about excessive noise in the middle of the day.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Done the test my alternator should be working now, i swapped a couple sensors over but shes still cutting out at 2510rpm i took my inlet manifoldoff and realised it must be this hose clamp it must not be sealing the IAC Valve when i go past 2510rpm than back off to neutral i get a loud woosh sound like a blow off valve on a turbo car i am thinking that clamp on the IAC Valve is letting air in or out

    I will get a proper hose clamp tomorrow

    As for the neighbor she was out the back while i was doing the test after i was finished she walked inside slamming the back door

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    This hose clamp
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Looking around the internet i have found possible causes, my fuel tank is vented but bcf didnt have any outlets so i just hung my vent hose in the rod holder and its kinked, when i turn the engine off than turn the key on again the fuel management system is refilling the FMS tank fmd i think thats it as the FMS should be full all the time unless the lift pump cant suck up the fuel due to no vent

    Other probable causes water in the FMS, lack of water cooling or pressure and low oil level i have half a tank tho

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Gaz, how about taking 5 min out of your day and knocking on the neighbors door and explaining that you are very close to being good to go and that hopefully there will be some fish to go around.
    You may be surprised how a little communication and good will can be received.
    Just give it a go.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Iron, hows about the neighbor walking out in her backyard the other day yelling at the top of her voice "Garry lock your dogs up before i kill them" i said to the silly bitch ny dogs dont bite, my dogs are only barking when they have loud parties playing music on the back veranda at 1am on a monday

    The neighors brother bangs on the fence, yells out loud, throws all kinds of cliangy metal around 9-10pm at night which scares my dogs

    But the neighbor gets away with it as she has relos that work for department of housing

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    get a bucket or bag so the silly"b...h" as you call her doesnt have anything to complain about

    my question was a serious one was the shaking when it was up on the 3000 limit ?

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    The neighbor actually said "Garry lock your f..... dogs up before i kill them" unreal my mum faught for many years to be in aboriginal housing, the neighbor is in aboriginal housing because of there kids dad my old mate.. the neighbor is lebonese

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I went and lift the tarp off the boat and sure enough my fuel tank breather hose was kinked and blocked off, so im hopping that was the problem

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    I finally found the problem i had started the engine and unkinked the fuel breather hose but no change so while the engine was running i unplugged the neutral sensor and it worked the engine revved to over 3000rpm
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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Sure sounds like the neutral RPM limit switch then.

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    Yup thats it Noel its that sensor while the engine was idling it was ever so lightly moving around than once i disconnected the sensor the engine idled so smooth and she revved really quickly, over 3000rpm there was no cutting out no jumping around the engine was rock solid

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    The Guardian kicks in at 2500rpm at 2510rpm the engine starts cutting out and jumping around, i called a dealer that i got the Vessel View from they have the switch in stock $62

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    Re: Aluminium T Top Roof

    It's like everything Gazza. the slow process of elimination, then ya find the fault..
    Hope you've nailed it..

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