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Gibb River track is awesome. Did it many years ago and at the time, yes, it was very rough. Me and the missus did it in a 84 Troopy, had no dramas as took it easy but found many vehicles on the side of the road with broken shockies, suspension etc. People would look at us as we pulled up to offer assistance in the old girl, and shake their heads when we say we have had no dramas, even get more annoyed when they found out we had travelled from Byron in her!! the long way...Learnt the hard way about dealing with the road trains though, must remember to wind up the windows, and close the little vents near the foot well PRIOR to pulling over and letting the road train go by, never got that fine dust out of the truck or the dog!!
Thanks, Yep..... Slow and steady will win the race. My rear suspension is pretty new, but the front struts will be renewed 1 month before I leave. They are 140,000 k's old, but are holding up well, Aussie made EFS stuff ><>

I will also be carrying spare rubbers / mounts, washer and bolts. If I blow a shockie, that is a non critical issue and to be honest, I've given my shockies a thrashing over the last 8 years, so not expecting any trouble.

I saw a video of the road into Kalumburu yesterday..... looks like another " take it easy " road and hopefully all the river crossings are good by July.

I dare say I won't be the only one heading up these roads at this time next year. Just gotta be prepared.