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Thread: WA and Kimberleys

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    Re: WA and Kimberleys

    Quote Originally Posted by disorderly View Post
    Looks like you are getting quite a comfortable setup happening there Phil...

    Great timing least you wont have to freeze your balls off for much longer...

    Looking forward to some reports of the trip and some cool drone shots hopefully...

    A little bit jealous though I must say..
    I don't know, have friends just passed through the Kimberley's last week and it was cold enough they had to wear jackets during the day.

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    Re: WA and Kimberleys

    a brief round up...........
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    Re: WA and Kimberleys

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Phill View Post
    Howd'y people,

    I'm after ideas and info.

    Traveling to WA in July next year. I will drive from home ( SEQ ). but heading straight to Broome, our base for a few days. ( taking fully set up Colorado )

    Spending a bit of time around this area and will do the obvious, Horo falls, Rowley Shoals.........etc

    Then making our way to Kununurra and may go via Kalumburu / Honeymoon Bay.

    So, I suppose there are number of questions.

    firstly, do it take the Gibb River road or the chicken track ?

    The bitumen from Derby to Kununurra does have options to stop, like Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and places to see there. We'll stay at Lake Argyle as well.

    Does anyone have ideas for things to see in the Broome area and surrounds. Hiking is on the cards.

    Is Wyndham worthy of the detour ?

    We'll end up in Darwin for a while, then the savannah way to Cairns and home.

    anything you can share will be appreciated.

    cheers LP
    I lived up there for a few years a while back. Went to school in Wyndham. Some good fishing around the place if you have a tinny but not much to see as a town.

    Lived in derby for a while. Head out to the jetty with some crab pots and youll get a feed.

    Between Broome and Derby you will cross the Fitzroy river. Stop in and do the pipi shuffle on the sandy edges and you will get fresh water mussels (Check fish regs it's been a while) - -17.733382157066206, 123.6477009501939

    Stunning country up that way mate. You cant go wrong just driving through the place.

    Good luck.

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    Re: WA and Kimberleys

    OK,,, 2 sleeps until I depart. Packed and ready.

    Who knows, what I have forgotten, but I'll find out sooner or later

    cheers LP
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    Re: WA and Kimberleys

    Enjoy the journey and take in as much of the Kimberley as possible itís outstanding.
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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