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Thread: Cape York.. May 2021.

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    Cape York.. May 2021.

    A quick video of our 16 day trip. Plenty more photos and videos about, and may post some up later.

    Left Brisvegas and hit Innisfail, turned west and over the Atherton Tablelands, onto the PDR to Weipa. Back out via Batavia Station rd to Seisia.

    Returned via Cooktown ( didn't actually stay there ) and Daintree, Cairns with a stop over at Lucinda,etc etc.

    We didn't break anything and it mostly went to plan.

    6,300k's. a few cartons of Great Northern, plenty of laughs.

    Seriously, the Tip can be done in a SUV, taking it easy.

    cheers LP

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    Re: Cape York.. May 2021.

    Those photos brought back many memories of my trips up that way, Thanks Phill for sharing, hope to seem more soon.

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    Re: Cape York.. May 2021.

    Cool video and you picked some great spots to stop , those camp stretchers are the best invention ever itís what we use up here . Glad you enjoyed
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Cape York.. May 2021.

    Very nice LP, looks like a great trip. Can't wait to get back up that way again, always done 'driving' trips up there, would love to take the boat up one day.

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