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Thread: Quick arvo fish

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    Quick arvo fish

    Hi guys went for an arvo fish off tweed today. 2nd cast of white gulp produced 80cm snapper. Pb on plastics. A couple of drifts later got a 75cm one again on gulp. Half hour later a 1230mm jewfish hit the deck on ganged pilchard and 20 pound snapper gear. Absolutely stoked to land this fish solo on light gear. It was only 315pm by now so didnít even have to wait for the sun to go down to land them. Phone not syncing with iPad will post pics if anyone interested. Was wondering weight estimates of 1230mm Jewy anyone weighed a similar one lately? I estimated 15kg but not real sure. Cheers...Paul

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    Re: Quick arvo fish

    I don't think you will be too much off the mark at 15kg.

    Do you have any bathroom scales? Weigh yourself, weigh yourself and fish on the scales, the difference is your fish.

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