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Thread: Boat seat redo

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    Boat seat redo

    Just an attempt to keep things ticking over here, currently I am replacing the seats in my old cat, the rear seat between the motors, the seat box seat behind the wheel and the console seat are now all cut and ready to be taken to the upholstery guy, I will take few picture later. Going to either build a new trailer, or refurbish the old one, depending on how it all looks when it's stripped down.

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    Re: Boat seat redo

    Just as I was enjoying the chirping of crickets, so good to see the forum back on track.

    Noel, it would be nice to see before and after shots. I have trouble getting any upholsterer here to do work for me, at least the decent ones.

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    Re: Boat seat redo

    Hey Dignity,
    have you tried Rays canvas and marine at Caboolture for your upholstery works? Hes done a fair bit for me in the past and does quality work.

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    Re: Boat seat redo

    No mate, nothing urgent, I do try to give locals a go. If it gets to the stage when I need to do something then I'll certainly give Rays a go .

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    Re: Boat seat redo

    I made the old ones out of marine ply and then got them covered, but, over the years, the ply has disintegrated, so I made new ones, got some formply this time, and going to give it all a single layer of chopped strand, then get the foam cut and upholstery guy to cover them, I will take some photos, the old ones are chopped up in the bin now, they were white with a grey stripe, going grey with a white stripe this time, just for fun.

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    Re: Boat seat redo

    Just for Fun! Love it. More pics the better!
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