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Thread: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

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    Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Hi Guys,

    I upgraded my chart for my 7410 xsv the other day to access the Garmin reveal bathymetric charts (ie the g3 vision chart - upgrading from the g2) .

    I bought it through active captain and downloaded the relevant local sections onto my iPad and have been viewing ithe reveal data there no problems (and also on active captain on my phone).

    I got onto Garmin express - where the chart shows as available for my plotter and downloaded the new chart onto a fresh SD card and tried it in the plotter.

    I can see the usual chart details - nav chart and fishing chart and can select the satellite images that come with this chart (and this with no other cards or charts inserted) but I cannot for the life of me work out how to access the Garmin reveal mapping on the plotter. It doesnít show as an option in the chart selection page (nav, fishing etc)

    I have updated all software (ie I have the update which added Garmin reveal capability to the plotter) - any tricks that I have missed to be able to see the reveal mapping?????

    any feedback much appreciated!!


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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Gday Moffy, what size sd card did you try to load? I am pretty sure these units are only good for something like an 8gb card which are pretty hard to come by these days?


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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Haven't you got to move around to make the realbathy chart and it draws as you move over ground,i looked into it for my Element sounder but thought better, there was a catch some were as i recall it might have been in the card side of things with navionics.

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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Using a 16gb card (plotter is good up to 32gb) - I can see the normal chart - fishing and nav charts off the card - just canít see the Garmin reveal stuff - which is different to the QuickDraw stuff I think you are referring to Chris. If this screenshot works - this is what the reveal images look like on the iPad - which I should be able to see on the plotter.
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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Welcome to the infuriatingly stupid Garmin update system,
    I went through this a couple of weeks ago
    1.Try this, go to layers >water> turn off top 2 buttons I think you can leave the 3rd one
    2. Did it load properly from ac capt or did it keep cycling, if cycling go to action cp turn off community edits and such but make sure relief shading has been downloaded and is ticked.
    Away at work at moment will have proper look at my system over weekend
    Good luck

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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Thanks Bob - away for the weekend myself so canít give this a go until Monday - but thanks for the tips - will see how it goes. The download to the SD card via Garmin express seemed small in terms of file size compared to the download of my selected ares on active captain. Will try an active captain update as well with only the new chart card in and see how I go given itís all therein active captain

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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Thanks for the tips and input guys - got it sorted in the end. Looks like Garmin express downloads the core chart - but have to get the relief shading files via active captain after the Garmin express download - I had initially tried to just do it from active captain from the start but with the old chart card still there as well and it didnít gel well..... (Also unticked those layers before the active captain update started Bob so thanks for that trick!)



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    Re: Garmin Chart Upgrade troubleshooting

    Glad it worked out Moffy,
    "Garmin express downloads the core chart - but have to get the relief shading files via active captain"
    Ive learnt something from your endeavors, having worked this out I think we can both apply for jobs at NASA.
    regards Mark or Bob.

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