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Thread: Cape York areas CLOSED.

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    Re: Cape York areas CLOSED.

    Just spoke to a lady today about there well set up 4x4 and they said they were heading up the to the top in the june holidays and i said to her better check first but its good to see things have changed.

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    Re: Cape York areas CLOSED.

    Hard to imagine they would kill off the revenue stream regardless.

    The TOs sure shot themselves in the foot with tactics.

    They only threatened to close the Cape to visitors despite grandstanding about the Cape being closed.

    They couldn't close it because the Jardine River ferry ( no visitor access any further north without the ferry) is operated by the local council (not the TOs) who wouldn't/couldn't go along with it.

    The most vocal TO corporation (headed by a fella called Solomon), wanted to put pressure on the govts to supply some funds to attend to the problems.

    The individual TO corporations could close access to their individual camping sites over which they hold exclusive access rights. Problems encountered at those sites were their own responsibility to sort out.

    In respect of shared access places, they couldn't close those sites 'cos they don't have exclusive title or (in the case of the Tip) no title at all.

    So they relied on the Northern Peninsular Area council to close access to ALL the shared access areas by stopping the ferry. THAT was never going to happen.

    Now Solomon is saying that they've re-opened the Cape after negotiations.

    Face-saving exercise because the Cape was never closed in the first place.

    Pajinka (The Tip)

    211 acres of land in the vicinity of the Tip was handed to the local TOs by the Qld Govt in late 2019 as freehold land under a Deed of Grant with conditions.

    The road itself is NOT part of that parcel so access to the tip (by the organisation that this guy claims to represent) CANNOT be denied.

    Furthermore, the whole area near the Tip is NOT subject to Federal Native Title Determination. The parcel of land that contains the tip is neither part of an Fed Govt NTA Determination nor Freehold Land in trust from the Qld govt.

    In late 2019, there were reports of chinese interest in the area (the old Pajinka Wilderness Lodge Resort resurrection). Belt and road stuff again?

    Management and administration of the peninsular is a real dog's breakfast. There are so many little aboriginal corporations that have sprung up ALL claiming to represent traditional owners interests, that everybody seems to be representing everybody else.

    Mayor of Northern Peninsular Area Council sure was treading a fine line in her whishy-washy press release.

    Actually the mainland tip of cape York is administered by the Torres Shire Council who has an arrangement with the NPAC to do work on the mainland on their behalf 'cos the TSC is based on Thursday I and doesn't have amphibious graders, dozers, trucks etc to get to mainland.

    The businesses (and some other TO organisations) up tjhere are really p....ed off with the Cairns Post AND this guy Solomon. ... n-tourism/

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