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Thread: Timely reminder about crocs

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    Timely reminder about crocs

    For locals and visitors alike.

    Reports over the last little while highlight the need for common sense and vigilance when on or in the water north of Gladstone.

    The reminder is for locals in those areas who tend to become a bit complacent over time. I found myself at waters edge at a boat ramp cleaning fish with my back to the water one afternoon. I knew there were crocs around but had grown complacent.

    There is a particularly large one who "owns" the waters near that ramp. I'd seen him many times but had simply forgotten about him. He had become part of the landscape to me.

    That's how easy it is.

    Its also a timely warning to visitors to those areas including freshwater creeks and lagoons near coast or big river systems.

    Best way to think is the way that I learned at the Roper River (not well enough as I found).

    "If its wet then its probably got a croc in it".

    Take notice of the warnings.

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    Re: Timely reminder about crocs

    Over admitting to making an error of judgement to demonstrate just how easy it is for something to happen (even for locals)? Who doesn't at some time or other in their lives?

    Only person I've ever heard of who was perfect was crucified at the age of 32 and I'm not fussed on that happening. Croc didn't get him. He was as safe from crocs as Dundee was at "Walkabout Ck" (Mackinlay).

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    Re: Timely reminder about crocs

    A local took these photo's and video a couple of nights ago at the South Mission Beach Boat ramp..

    For about a year, while our main boat ramp was recently being upgraded this was our only ocean ramp...its nowhere near any estuaries and is straight off the beach with Dunk island straight out in front...

    No pontoons or dock so you have to stand in the water and waves up to your thighs or waist whilst launching, retrieving and boarding your boat...

    The fella said that while he was filming some other bloke rocked up and was going to dump prawn shells there as well...

    What else can you say..

    Video in the link..

    croc 2 sth mission.jpgcroc Sth mission.jpg

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    Re: Timely reminder about crocs

    That looks like a decent croc too!

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    Re: Timely reminder about crocs

    Last year people were regularly throwing fish carcasses onto a Rocky city ramp attracting a croc which lives nearby.

    Eventually croc was trapped and removed (3.8 metres). That croc lived a further km downstream and used to pass through city reaches on his way up to get freshwater at the barrage and started to detour via the ramp for a feed as well.

    Despite the publicity, more carcasses were evident on the ramp a short time later.

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    Re: Timely reminder about crocs

    Quote Originally Posted by CT View Post
    That looks like a decent croc too!
    Estimated about big enough to do serious damage.

    A dog was attacked today at South Mission Beach.

    Presumably by this Croc...

    The female owner jumped into the water after the dog and managed to scare/distract the croc enough to release the dog..

    Dog was taken to the vet with various injury's including a half chewed up head.

    Locals, tourists, children, horses and dogs regularly swim along this beach as well people launching boats day and night..

    Another dog was taken further north along the beach about a month ago..Owner didnt jump in and dog was eaten..

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    Re: Timely reminder about crocs

    Theres a few tiger sharks up your way too i got a14footer off cape sandwich in 3mt of gin clear water and have seen some around Dunk, dogs are a easy feed for both croc and shark

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