I picked up a, what I think the year is, 1973 Bertram Caribbean Sandpiper. The seller has it awhile and was intending on doing it up, his wife discovered he had far too many projects... and the rest is history.. There are some areas of damage, quite a few scratches, but mostly cosmetic from what my limited experience can tell. For a 47 year old boat I am pretty impressed with her condition (I've not removed the carpets yet...)

I had a brief look over the hull, there dont seem to be any soft parts, the floor feels very solid, the transom is knackered (of course) so it looks like I will enjoy slowly repairing what I can, I have a few years fiberglass experience, and studying the old posts on this forum for the right tips and measured advice.... there is a lot to learn!

I have no intention of restoring it to show room, just refurbishing enough to look pretty, be safe, well kitted out, and potentially my son can use it if he wants later. I grew up around boats, was never able to afford one, certainly not the costs of a average sized boat addiction... but this one I like, half a cabin for shelter, should be stable in the water, and hopefully she wont need a 90HP motor to move her, I wouldn't want a nice cruise ruined by a motor revving its head off.

The photos are a little grainy as I took them as it was getting dark, I would be keen on seeing how many members have experience with this model... hopefully they are good experiences.

Cheer, Mr Blackstock