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Thread: 125HP Mercury

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    125HP Mercury

    G'day all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the thread type and size is for the eyebolt for a 2002 125HP Saltwater Seires so I can remove the outboad from the boat please? Done a bit of a search but no luck.

    Also, is there any hacks on how to lift it without the factory fit eyebolt? I'm hoping I can somehow put the eye bolt on in the link below

    Any help much appricated.


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    Re: 125HP Mercury

    P/N 91-90455-1 ... 1.5"-16TPI.

    This should work:

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    Re: 125HP Mercury

    Hey Geoff i purchased one of those eye bolts u linked to but in stainless steel it had the correct stainless steel nut welded to the eye bolt i bought it from ebay about $60 it lifted a johnson 225hp

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    Re: 125HP Mercury

    Thanks guys

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