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Thread: Painting over powder coat.

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    Re: Painting over powder coat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    im on the sunny coast but if it was cheap Iíd drive south.
    Spoke to him last night, he's still in the business but as soon as I mentioned powder coated boat he said no f***ing way, his advice was the only way you will get it completely back to bare ally is by garnet blasting in a booth, the only stripper I know of that will remove powder coat is Benco B-17, the stuff can be pretty dangerous and brushing or spraying it on isn't recommended, proper procedure is to bath it and even though it's safe to use on aluminium it will eventually have some effect after a few hours.

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    Re: Painting over powder coat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    The new Tig arrived today. Pretty exited to get the settings worked out and all the little holes from previous rivets etc welded up.
    I hope we will get to see some before and after photo's..

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    Re: Painting over powder coat.

    Way out of my depth here but would a wrap be an option? Do your patches, rough sand, prime, cure and wrap.

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    Re: Painting over powder coat.

    Quote Originally Posted by disorderly View Post
    The more time and money you put into the paintjob the more you will want to cry when snapper leads, fish and gaffs start taking bark off the sides and people start scratching up the gunnels and inside..

    Do a decent budget job, leave the tissues at home and get out there amongst it and start scratching her up....
    Sounds like a plan.

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    Re: Painting over powder coat.

    Well first crack at some of the holes in the boat are very interesting. Welding clean/new sheet and trying to weld holes that have had years of salt exposure is like Iím trying to weld stainless or something.
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    Re: Painting over powder coat.

    Cleanliness is the clue, TIG is really pretty easy (and I am no welder) but I have done lots and had good success, make sure everything is clean, gas flow good, machine is set right (and is a HF TIG, also if doing it outside, wind can be an issue.

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