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Thread: Ski Boat Rebuild

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    Ski Boat Rebuild

    Quick pre-easter project, thought you guys would like to see some pics even thought it's not a fishing boat, got it home and completed in 10 days, bro in law and a mate stripped it and put a new floor in it, took it off the trailer and started sanding, I turned up Friday night and helped them get it ready so I could paint it over the weekend, back on the trailer late last week and test drive on Sunday, ready for easter, not very good pics but there's a couple of videos there.

    The 308 inboard screams and is unlike any boat I've ever driven, the flat chines dig in and make it feel like it's on rails.....


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    Re: Ski Boat Rebuild

    oh and the trailer got a quick sandblast and paint....

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    Re: Ski Boat Rebuild

    Looks and sounds

    Top work.

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    Re: Ski Boat Rebuild

    Getting all that done in 10 days is very impressive.
    Looks and sounds fabulous!

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    Re: Ski Boat Rebuild

    Each of us working full time didnít make it easy but we got there!

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    Re: Ski Boat Rebuild

    Looks like a ton of fun to be had with that mighty beast...

    She came up real nice and how sweet is that colour..!

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