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Thread: Surtees/Barcrusher

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    Re: Surtees/Barcrusher

    Quote Originally Posted by NAGG View Post
    What I will press is the build quality - the boat feels solid & that you couldn't break it .
    That's the thing about Bar Crushers, you can argue all day about the underlying design, whether they're soft enough or dry enough etc, but the finished product itself is built to an incredibly high standard, it's very easy to tell that they have a very effective quality control function and they are continually tweaking and improving the product. The TV shows helped back in the day, but I think the product has passed the test of time and that's why their strong resale has endured all these years.

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    Re: Surtees/Barcrusher

    I saw this 615 on the BC page on Facebook...

    Isnt this what used to be the BC 560..?

    Its for sale on Gumtree.


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    Re: Surtees/Barcrusher

    Yes I think they measure from the tip of the anchor to the prop for the new models

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    Re: Surtees/Barcrusher

    Not too sure about measuring it "to the prop" ,depending on how the motor is tilted you might have a boat 1m shorter or longer than you think, I do suspect they now include an overall measurement which is different to previous model designation.

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