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    Awinya creek boating access


    Have a few days camping at Awinya creek on Fraser coming up and I was wondering what the tidal access up the creek is like for a 28ft Sharkcat?

    Anything else to consider?

    I have never been so please take it easy on me 😂

    Thanks heaps

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    Re: Awinya creek boating access

    Maybe at the top of the tide. It is only ankle deep at the mouth at low tide. Nice spot though.

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    Re: Awinya creek boating access

    Thanks mate.

    What about on the beach itself? Is it safe to get in close and anchor near the beach camping spots?

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    Re: Awinya creek boating access

    Yes, you can anchor in close but just be aware that this time of year you can cop a westerly and that beach is wide open to them.

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    Re: Awinya creek boating access

    Great place, set your tent up with views of the bay out front and of the creek out the back.

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    Re: Awinya creek boating access

    Thanks guys, very helpful.

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    Re: Awinya creek boating access

    As above, High tide you'll get it right up behind your camp site. Westerlies will try out your best anchoring system. An inflatable dinghy or kayak is good if anchoring off the beach. The difference between low and high tides is quite a bit and the boat ends up a bloody long way out at high tide.
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