Just over 3 weeks to go till I go for the first time and I am pumped!
I just have a few questions though.

1. of course during the early morning and arvos, I will be targeting tailor with metal slugs and pillies. At night is it worth trying for Jewies on these dates? Would you say the tides and moon are favorable? and what about baits, i was thinking of hurling tailor head, or fillet out on my Gary Howard 10kg rod?

2. First and foremost I am a bait fisho, however I am taking a few midsize and larger poppers, and my Pen Prevail 10-15kg paired with My Shimano Saragossa 10 000. I was hoping to connect with a GT or other pelagics during the day,
Is it worth trying? How would you target them? and where? I was thinking sandy cape because i'm lead to believe there are sand flats up there? Or indian Head, (of course adhering to the closure 400m north of indian head)

3. During the day I will be also fishing for bread and butter fish whiting bream small trevers etc so I will be collecting pippies. Is there anywhere on the island that sells live Beach worms? I cant for the live of me catch them... I have spent hours trying...

4. Is there anywhere on the island where you can chuck a cast net and get live bait, herring etc?...

5. is there a specific UHF Chanel people generally use on the island? I'm thinking for places like Ngkala rocks where you would like to know if there is someone barreling the other way before you try.

6. Do the fresh water filling points on the island have a standard outlet that you can screw a garden hose attachment onto such as this Nylex 12mm Universal Adaptor? And are you able to drive up to the taps?

Thanks for the help guys! If there is anyone over there on these dates, feel free to give me a Yell, I will be in the White modified Pajero Sport.. (Probably the only PS on the island.. HAHA)